Jason & Guilana

1. How we met

When we both went on a three-day free trial with the same Internet dating service. It took three months from initial Emailing until we actually met at the Blue Train Cafe in South Bank. Our second date was at the Salvadore Dali exhibition at the Art Gallery where Jason got lost for a while but was safely returned by Gallery staff. Within the next two weeks, despite Giuliana not at that stage thinking of an introduction to the family, was suddenly caught unaware when her father was hospitalised unexpectedly (to fully recover). This meant that Jason was reluctantly introduced to all family members in the emergency department on the night of the AFL grand final, around midnight.


2. Tell us about your wedding proposal?

Originally, Jason planned a romantic proposal at a iconic chateau at the foot of Mt Ruepehu in New Zealand but the weather started to deteriorate on the way there. This meant that Jason made an executive decision and diverted to a hydro electric power station that he remembered from his teenage days and that he was sure would provide a romantic if misty setting. Once the workmen had finished repairing part of the dam, Jason found a nice area of gushing water (from a huge hydro pipe), that he believed was the perfect spot to nervously ask for Giuliana’s hand in marriage. After recovering from the surprise, shock and water, Giuliana said YES and it was back to the car to dry-out.


3. What was important to you as a couple when choosing the following:


i. a ceremony venue?

A beautiful historic church that had a lot of character along with being conveniently located for guests


ii.  a reception venue?

Conveniently located, classy, clean and inviting and able to cater for our 150 guests and came highly recommended. It was then important that we got on well with the venue manager and that there was a high level of professionalism and attention to detail.


iii.a photographer?

Recommended as good and one who takes the time to get to know us and what we wanted. Professional and highly organised with attention to the small but important details that we didn’t think about and which could have been big problems on the day. One who had a good sense of humour and provided good recommendations and contacts for a variety of other people that we needed for the organisation of our wedding.


4. Why did you choose Chateau Photography for your wedding photography?

For the above reasons which gave us complete confidence that we would not have any concern or worries on the day which was exactly what happened. The photography on the wedding day was effortless as we could relax and let Warrick and his staff guide and organise all the people and the shots so that it all came together perfectly.


5. What was the highlight of your wedding day?

The extra cultural elements that we had organised such as the live singing by the two female singers at the church along with the singing of the traditional Maori hymns. Again, the cultural elements at the reception were also a real highlight such as the Italian singing, dancing and comedy and the electrifying haka and Maori performance which blew everyone away.


6. What was the highlight of your photography experience?

There was no single highlight as everything ran along easily and smoothly so it was more the absence of stress and pain! It meant that we were able to enjoy the whole experience and focus on dealing with any family related issues.


7. What advice do you have for couples organising a wedding?

Firstly, if neither of you have time or are good at project management, pay the extra money to have someone else do it for you but make sure they come with good credentials and references. Secondly, double the times that each task should take as inevitably, everything takes longer the first time you do it. Thirdly, make sure the bridesmaids and groomsmen will focus on the bride and groom all day rather than their own needs. Fourthly, try to see and/or meet every person that will be providing services or performances at the wedding, for example, see the live band well before they’ll be playing at your wedding. Fifthly, get all dresses for the bridal party sorted-out a minimum of three months before the wedding date. Finally, make sure you don’t work in the week prior to the wedding as this is a crazy, crazy time!


8. What advice would you give a couple after your wedding experience that you would have changed?

See #7

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