Abby & Mark


How did you meet?

We met at high school. Mark was 17 and I (Abbey) was 15. We spend the first term speaking only on MSN chat and writing each other love letters. On the last day of term 1 Mark worked up the courage to speak to me face-to-face and we spent all holidays together.  We have been together ever since. That was nearly ten years ago.

Tell us about your wedding proposal?

We were living in Brisbane at the time and had just bought a new puppy, Harriett. We went for a weekend away to the Sunshine Coast and had lunch on the grass in the hinterland with Harriett. We were so broke Mark couldn’t afford a ring straight away so he had bought a plastic ring from the Supermarket. He tied the plastic ring around Harriett’s neck with a ribbon and then took her away for a walk to the pond. He then asked me to call Harriett over to me and she bounded over to me. It was then I realised there was something tied around her neck and went to pull it off. Then Mark popped the question and I said YES!!

What was important to you as a couple when choosing the following:

i.             a ceremony venue? As we are both Catholic we wanted to be married in a Catholic Church. There are so many Catholic churches around but wanted to find one that felt right for us. We didn’t want anything too huge as we wanted to keep that intimate feeling at the ceremony. We chose St Ignatius in Richmond because it was such a beautiful old church but wasn’t too big and we really liked the priest, Father Stan. We also have the ability to tailor the ceremony to suit us in terms of readings, music and the way in which the ceremony ran.

ii.             a reception venue? I think we looked at almost every reception venue in Melbourne and decided on the Hotel Windsor’s Grand Ballroom. We chose the Windsor because it has that old world charm which was the theme I was going for with my wedding. I was looking for a venue that was warm and intimate with a romantic, vintage feel. The Windsor ticked all the boxes. The wedding packages were also fantastic and included everything from place cards and menus through to alcohol, flowers and wedding night accommodation so we didn’t have to organise too much. The staff were so friendly and helpful and the Windsor provided a great backdrop for some wonderful photos!

iii.            a  photographer? Choosing a photographer was the hardest aspect of the wedding for us as we wanted a specific style that suited us but also wanted a photographer who we felt comfortable enough with so we could be ourselves on our wedding day. We wanted something magical and decided we were willing to pay the money for that, hence why the decision was so hard. We needed our photographer to ‘get’ exactly what it was we were after and understand what was important to us.

Why did you choose Chateau Photography for your wedding photography?

After numerous appointments we felt overwhelmed and even more confused. We had seen lots of photographs we liked but didn’t feel like we had found someone who knew exactly what we were looking for. Someone saw what style photography I liked and recommended Warrick to me. After meeting with him I knew straight away I had found my photographer. Not only were his images and albums the epitome of everything I had ever dreamed my wedding photos to look like but Warrick instantly made me feel like he cared about what I wanted and listened to everything that was important to me. We felt like I could be 100% honest with him and felt so comfortable with him. Now, six months after my wedding I am so grateful we decided to use Warrick. Our photos are simply stunning and have managed to capture the most precious moments of our special day. We have had so many comments on how classical and unique our photos are and how friendly and fun our photography team was. If there is one thing I would like to pass on to other future brides it is that at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. The few people that questioned the money I was spending on photography prior to the wedding have all since commented to me that the photos I received were worth every cent I paid for them. They are one memory from the day that will be there to treasure for the rest of our lives.

What was the highlight of your wedding day?  (Besides getting married to each other)

Honestly, apart from all the usual things such as having all your family and friends around helping you celebrate one of the happiest days of your lives, the highlight of the day for us was the wonderful suppliers we had making our day what it was. Everything went so smoothly and all our vendors were professional, friendly, fun and actually helped make our day what it was. My most treasured memories of the day include the fun we had with our photographers, makeup artists and other vendors laughing and joking. They took their jobs seriously but created an atmosphere that helped keep us relaxed and having fun all day. We knew every second of the day that they were there to help us and they couldn’t do enough for us. I keep getting comments about how relaxed I was on my wedding day and I honestly owe this all to the fabulous people I dealt with on the day. I have heard so many horror stories of suppliers not showing up or being late and I am so thankful I booked suppliers I knew were reliable from day one, that way there was no stress, no hassles and no tears on the day!

What was the highlight of your photography experience?

Again, the amazing support we received from every member of the Chateau team from day 1. The service started from before we even booked with Chateau. Warrick couldn’t do enough to help us and went above and beyond the role of a photographer. He helped us with cars, bonbonniere, flowers and with recommendation for some truly unique locations, helped us create a style that was ‘us’. Leading up to the day Warrick was available whenever we needed to talk and liaised with our other suppliers in order to ensure everything ran smoothly on the day. On the day the whole team was absolutely fantastic. They were so professional but at the same time fun. We were laughing with them all day and they made us so relaxed. We also used Warrick’s Bentleigh as our wedding car and that was so amazing. The car itself was gorgeous and the Driver so friendly, helping calm me down before the ceremony. After the ceremony we were greeted by Michael with a beautiful bottle of French bubbles we were able to enjoy on our drive to the location. Every single member of the team was professional, friendly and fun and the photos have captured every single special moment of our day. The relationship you have with your photographer is a long one (mine has been over two years and still going) so it’s important to choose someone you feel comfortable communication with and someone you know is going to be reliable. Chateau photography has been all of this and more from day 1.

What advise do you have for couples organising a wedding?

TO do your research. To work our from the very start what is important to you, what style you like and then find suppliers who listen to what you want and who understand what is important to you. Make things clear from the start and don’t compromise on things that are important to you. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone or you don’t feel like they understand your wishes it’s not a great sign. Also, you usually get a feel from day one whether someone is reliable or not. I found this extremely important those last few months before the wedding when everything was getting stressful. Having supplier’s who answer your calls and want to help makes this so much easier. And again, at the end of the day you get what you pay for. Work out what aspects of the wedding and more important to you and adjust your budget accordingly.

What advice would you give a couple after your wedding experience that you would have changed?

I honestly can’t think of anything. Because I was super organised and had things booked and deposited over 12 months in advance I took away a lot of that pre wedding stress. I realise not everyone has the option of such a long engagement but booking the important things so far in advance made all the difference to me. This also gave me the time to find suppliers that were right for me and I think this has everything to do with why I was so relaxed on the day and why we endured no hiccups. Everything went perfectly.

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